START DEMO FITeval ELITE/ Wind. “Smartscreen” Filter Warning

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  • I downloaded the demo FITeval Elite but it won’t launch

FIteval Elite works on all windows operating system. Once downloaded the operating system either automatically launchs the software or save the "fitevalen.exe" file on your hard drive.

  • Windows "Smartscreen" Filter Warning

Internet Explorer

No risk our software program is secure.SmartScreen is a useful security feature that will help prevent bad applications from running, but it may prevent a legitimate application from running. SmartScreen doesn’t know about our FITeval software program.

Solution : Turn Off or Disable the Smartscreen Filter. Easy link, for details :

General support/smartscreen

Support Windows/smartscreen


Easy link FIREFOX for details : Support Firefox

  • If your operating system doesn’t permit you automatically visualize the FITeval Elite demo, procede as follow
  1. Search the file in "My documents/downloads" or "user/downloads" or "c/user/downloads" or "Downloads"
  2.  Double click on the file and follow the dedicated procedure
  3. If you search engine require you to install the "fitevalen.exe" file on a specific area, always save it on "c drive".