FITeval, sport software, proposes a planning module which facilitates the construction and management of your training at any performance level for your athletes or clients.

  •  Important events.
  •  Exercises and competitions.
  •  Recovery periods.
  •  Objectives of the training plan.
  •  Objectives for each session

FITeval, sport training sofware, helps viewing the content of your sessions by associating a color to each physical quality solicited. So you can quickly scan the contents of the plan and make changes.

FITeval, sport and physical preparation software, automatically calculates the parameters of overload and shows you a graph : intensity, volume and the relative difficulty of each of your sessions.


  • Training plans with an unlimited number of sessions and weeks.
  • The number of sessions you want each day (editable and configurable at any time).
  • Personalised settings through the multiple components of fitness are available (eg, maximum strength, aerobic endurance, flexibility, etc..).

  •  The date, time, volume, intensity and difficulty of the sessions.
  •  The relative percentage of time devoted to each component.
  •  The 3 or 12 months  training plan.
  •  Traning sessions per day, week, name of exercise.
  •  The training time devoted to each component.
Calculate and generate

  • The workload parameters (sets, repetitions, recovery, etc..) adapted to each session and each training goal.
  • The content of the training sessions.
  • FITeval, personal trainer software, allows you, once the sessions are generated, to refine their content and manually edit the settings for each session.
* The function "PLAN" is not available in FITeval Testing, our assessment sofware , ,