Prevention of overtraining,
monitoring athletes and managing the worload.


FITeval, health care prevention software, uses a method perfected by Carl Foster of the Milwaukee Heart Institute (WI, USA). It is recognised by top specialists and allows you to detect the first signs of overtraining, and prevent your athletes from falling victim to its harmful effects.
Overtraining has numerous repercussions on health : diminishing performance, general fatigue, injuries, infections, discouragement, giving in to the risk of doping…
FITeval, sport and physical preparation software,therefore offers the coaching team (doctor, physiotherapist, trainers) a method which allows the athlete to be individually and thoroughly monitored on a weekly basis. It is more effective than blood tests, which can be only carried out only at fairly lengthy intervals. It is simpler to use than monitoring by markers in the immune system, a process which remains complex, onerous and unrecognised. It makes it possible to quantify the workload imposed on an athlete (or a group of athletes) and their ability to recuperate, whatever the activity.
FITeval, sport software, simplifies and promotes the use of this monitoring technique which draws upon not only a subjective perception on the part of the athletes concerning the difficulty of a training session, but also the length of the session. A set of statistics, reports and graphs makes it easier to read the information and thus increases the effectiveness of this overtraining prevention system. FITeval provides the monitoring team with the means of analysing and communicating regularly those signs which will help to optimise training, improve motivation and prevent the many problems connected with overtraining.
To find out more about the different ways of quantifying workload and preventing overtraining, there is an excellent article currently available on the site web site, a Franco-Canadian web site presented by INSEP and INFE.