Fiteval simplifies and records

Fiteval, overtraining prevention software, makes your task simpler because, once the sessions have been recorded, the volume, intensity and workload of each exercise are saved and displayed in a graph.

Fiteval, personal trainer software, records the difficulty of an exercise as perceived by the athletes during the activity and compares it with any other parameter of the training load (volume, intensity etc). Thanks to this system, you will be able to measure the impact of each session on the athletes’s body and make the necessary modifications to optimise your training plan. 

FITeval calculates and counts

  • Total volume of work (series, repetitions).
  • Total intensity (sets, repetitions, intensity) for each exercise.
  • Sets, repetitions, intensity even for hybrid sets.

FITeval calculates and compares

  • The intensity and volume for each exercise.
  • The percentage related to each training task.
  • The difficulty, as perceived by the athlete during training.