FITeval, sport software, has a unique feature which allows you unlimited range to create your own tests, formulas, calculations methods, questionnaires and norms.

FITeval, assessment sofware, allows users to define and modify the measures used to obtain the final results of all the proposed tests.

FITeval, medical and physical center software, makes it possible to create formulas using measurements as well as many other factors (age, sex, body mass, etc.)..

FITeval, health preservation software, allows modification of all parameters of metabolic and progressive tests (number of levels, cost of oxygen corresponding to each range, speed, etc..) to be modified.

   FITeval, personal trainer software, facilitates the creation of test whose product is a function of results of two or more tests. To simplify their use, tests are grouped into batteries. More flexibility FITeval allows the manufacture of battery of tests for a particular population.

FITeval, personal trainer software, facilitates the creation of tests produced from the results of two or more other tests. To simplify their use, the tests are grouped in banks. Moreover, FITeval’s flexibility makes it possible to produce test banks which target a specific group of people

FITeval, our healthcare and sport assessment software, allows you to add four types of tests :

  1. Tests needing a single measurement, such as body weight or a standing long jump.
  2. Tests needing several measurements, such as skin folds or body mass index.
  3. Progressive tests, such as the 20m shuttle race or the progressive running-machine test.
  4. Questionnaires, such as the participation in physical activity questionnaire. 

Test Library

, assessment software, offers a selection of over 70 tests and measures commonly used.
New tests, protocols and questionnaires can be easily added at any time to the library.

Populations and standards

FITeval, fitness software, provides your tests with the norms recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

FITeval, sport software, can also be adapted to your needs, allowing you to :

  • Add an unlimited groups and people into groups.
  • Define new age groups.
  • Include your own standards for each test.
  • Compare individual results to those obtained by a specific population.


When you use the FITeval assessment software for the first time, you are given three questionnaires :

  • Physical Activity of Participation Questionnaire.

  • Questionnaire of Canadian physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Approach (CPAFLA - 2nd edition) developped by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).
  • Framingham  Assessment Questionnaire of risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Moreover FITeval allows you to add your own questionnaires, define your questions, answers, and the score associated with each response.

*The evaluation function is not available in Fiteval Training our sport training software