Complementary tools

Conversion tool

FITeval Elite, sport and physical preparation software, offers you a tool which can carry out 200 conversions :

  • Kilograms (kg) to pounds (lb.) ; Metres per second (m/s) to Kilometres per hour (km/h) ; VO2max (expressed in ml/kg/min) to metabolic units (Mets)...
1MR calculator
The 1 RM calculator provided by FITeval Elite, assessment software, is the ideal tool for estimating, from below-maximum effort, the maximum resistance which can be moved by a subject during a given strength exercise. This tool uses the most commonly-used equations and allows you to insert your own.
Time and financial management monitoring
FITeval Elite, personal trainer software, possesses a time monitoring module which will allow you to account for the length of time you devote to each task or each subject and to generate a number of documents which will be very useful in managing the finances of your professional activity.