"The FITeval Elite software is a superb tool. "
Charles Babineau, PhD, exercise physiologist,
University of Moncton, Canada.

“ The FITeval Elite software is indispensable for the physical trainer or coach.The work is professional, and the data is easily accessible and can be consulted rapidly. It is quick and simple to plan training programmes and printed documents are clear and professional. FITeval Elite is very user-friendly
and it is a great pleasure to work with this software. "

Laurent Oster, physical trainer, CREPS de Boulouris, France.
" I am impressed by the simplicity of FITeval Elite and its many different parameters (norms, assessments, units).
This program contains an incredible battery of tests. "
Thierry Fauchard, MSC, University of Montreal, Canada.
" Flexibily, diversity, clear and intuitive presentation :
these are, in my opinion, the qualities of FITéval Elite. "

Paul Boisvert, PhD, exercise physiologist,
Laval University,